Wednesday, May 11, 2011

China Leads The Way In Promoting Physical Fitness Amongst Its Citizens

I just found this disclosure in the most recent 20-F filing for Chinese MMORPG game-maker Perfect World (PWRD):
Under the anti-fatigue system, three hours or less of continuous play is defined as
“healthy,” three to five hours is defined as “fatiguing,” and five hours or more is defined as “unhealthy.” Game operators are required to reduce the value of game benefits for minor game players by half when those game players reach the “fatigue” level, and to zero when they reach the “unhealthy” level. In addition, online game players in China are now required to register their identity card numbers before they can play an online game.
Aside from the fact that I find it rather comical that a government which maintains a master-slave relationship with its citizens would see no irony in being nominally concerned with their health and fatigue levels, I'm surprised, really, that none of the Great Leaders in America thought to implement a system like this, first.

China leads the way!


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