Saturday, December 18, 2010

Informal, Unscientific Instapoll On America

The economy is collapsing. The Fed is stumbling toward hyperinflation. The looters on Wall Street continue their charade. The American Empire is waning.

But what do Americans really care about?

Senate Passes Bill To Lift Gay Military Ban, at the 636 comments and climbing!

This is a truly epic and important legislative event, America, one to top all of the epic and important legislative events caused by the noble, glorious leadership of Congress. Get on that link, login, sound off! Let everyone else know how deplorable it is that gays serve openly (not serve, serve openly) in the military and how being gay is a crime against god and nature, or, let everyone know how only stupid, bigoted redneck religious sheep could possibly find anything wrong with gays serving openly in the military.

Whatever your viewpoint, make it known. It's imperative you voice an opinion on an issue which on its face seems rather trivial compared to everything else going on-- the future of this great nation hangs in the balance.

(Note: Bonus points will be awarded to commenters who familiarize themselves with the fact that homosexuality is a somewhat common and prevalent behavior observed amongst other members of the animal kingdom, as well as for those who familiarize themselves with the fact that homosexuality has been linked to pedophilia and is therefore a deviant and risky form of sexuality.)


  1. I'm going to have to quote McArdle here (brackets mine): "Here's the thing: humans aren't like bonobos [which engage in homosexual behavior]. And do you know how I know that we are not like bonobos? Because we're not like bonobos." Q.E.D.

    In other news, American Idol, Season XXVI, starts in a few weeks with no Simon! Will America survive?

  2. Since we are using B-words, I will invoke H.L. Mencken. I believe he called them the "Booboisie" although I'm not quite sure how to spell that ...