Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Do North Koreans Want To Go To War?

So they can shoot their slave-masters in the military and political elite:
Mr. Kim, the defector, said oppressed North Koreans "harbor a grudge deep inside" against those in the ruling class. The regime has crushed revolts in the past, and there is no indication more are in the offing.

But Mr. Kim said many in the country would welcome conflict with the outside world—not out of the nationalistic fervor the country's bellicose leaders have sought to instill, but as a pretext for uprising. "North Koreans say in unison they want a war. … I think if that happens, North Koreans will fight more between themselves than with South Koreans," Mr. Kim said. "Families say, 'OK, when a war breaks out, I will shoot this, this and this person to death.' "
North Koreans have the right idea. After nearly 60 years of socialist military dictatorship and economic repression, anyone would. How long will it take Americans?


  1. A historical inflection point has been one in which people are reduced to eating their lawns.

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