Friday, July 23, 2010

Larry Summers On FinReg

Old Larry, looking especially creepy and uncomfortable and sounding especially incoherent and arbitrary, here. He even gets snappy with Maria "Mouthpiece of the Markets" Bartiromo and accuses her of something that could best be described as "market demagoguery", apparently incensed that she would do so only to interrupt his political demagoguery, which is completely classy and called-for.

Thanks to the tight cropping of the camera, we're not able to see the loaded gun that is being held just off-screen, pointed directly at Larry Summers' head, but the anxious, nervous hesitancy in his voice is literally all the confirmation we need that he is delivering these lies and blandishments under severe duress.

Keep dissembling, Larry, it's the only thing standing between you as you are now and you as you might be after the Obama-cult takes you out to the political pasture. That is, if they're so generous. Far more likely that Rahm is in the workshed putting together some .22LR reloads as we speak, just itching to get the call that says he can take you out behind the barn and put you down like he would with any other sick, frightened, injured farm animal that's no longer useful and has become simply another costly burden to ol' Farmer Obama.


  1. I saw that interview. He seemed incensed that Bartiromo would use helicopter Ben's own words to refute the BS coming from him. Thanks for clarifying the incoherent creepiness I also witnessed. BTW, I think those .22LR are high velocity reloads.

  2. Stanley,

    I laughed at that, too. Bartiromo did a double-take like, "Wait, whaaaaaaaaat?"

    I didn't even bother to debunk what Summers said because he prattled on unendingly, would've taken pages again. I am at the point where I think it's much more instructive to just listen to how absurd it is and look at the funny, trying-to-keep-from-crapping-my-pants faces they make. Hard to take them seriously when you do.