Wednesday, May 12, 2010

War Of Words In Europe, War Of Weapons Looms

If you thought the trade war rhetoric between the US and China was bad, check out the trash talking the Europeans are giving one another over this bailout:
Jean-Pierre Jouyet, a former French Europe minister and the current chairman of France's financial services authority, yesterday predicted only "God would help" a rudderless Britain after it snubbed its euro zone neighbours.

"There is not a two speed Europe but a three speed Europe. You have Europe of the euro, Europe of the countries that understand the euro ... and you have the English," he said.

"The English are very certainly going to be targeted given the political difficulties they have. Help yourself and heaven will help you. If you don't want to show solidarity to the euro zone, then let's see what happens to the United Kingdom."
How much more economic saber-rattling would you need to see before this spills into actual saber-rattling? And what happens to the US military seeing as how it has major bases in most of the countries concerned?

World War I and II started in Europe, perhaps WWIII will, as well?

More economic saber-rattling at the Telegraph.

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