Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Senator Claire McCaskill Is A Criminal Gambler

Bess Levin at Dealbreaker, in all her glory, picked up on an embarrassing admission made by Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri in yesterday's Goldman Sachs hearing:
What is she sorry for? Is it for ‘causing horrible flashbacks for those on the panel and watching at home to being sent to the principal’s office? Her bizarre and at times troubling line of questioning? Use of the term “smart alecks”? Comparing “the legal activity of market making to the illegal activity of sports bookmaking,” the latter of which is a serious hobby of hers? Not using her indoor voice? Just generally projecting her gambling problem on Goldman Sachs? Giving Maxine Waters a run for her money? All of the above? None of the above?
Gambling, except in special circumstances such as on licensed river boat casinos and other venues, is illegal in the state of Missouri. One would have to assume that this general ban on gambling would include sports betting and specifically college sports betting.

Yet, in making her crazy and nearly impossible to follow metaphor for what Senator McCaskill imagines Goldman Sachs' market-making business to be, she inadvertently advised the interogees and the audience that she regularly bets on college sports games. In essence, Senator McCaskill just admitted to habitually committing gambling crime.

Where and how does Senator McCaskill place her sports bets? She can't place them in-state with a live bookie and, according to Missouri state law, she can't place them with electronic gambling organizations on the internet, either:
Don't be fooled by assurances from Internet gambling operators that it is legal to play online in Missouri. It is illegal for out-of-state gambling operations to offer Internet gambling to Missouri residents.

Does Senator McCaskill place her bets in Washington? Well, she can't because it's illegal there, too.

Maybe the good senator goes to nearby Maryland or Virgina to do a little, good ol'fashioned wagerin'. Wherever she gambles, as a representative of Missourians, she's at the very least a hypocrite and a disgrace.

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